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Majik House

DeCorten Rust Effect - Bronze Cara de la Rocca

Upgrade of the client’s facility.

Over a 3 week period we applied a range of finishes, these were further enhanced by using the clients’ in house team to select lighting that illustrated how well the whole project could be pulled together with a team approach.


DeCorten Rust Effect
This is a very special material – produced by ourItalian Principal, in conjunction with ApplicArt, here in the UK -the effects are quite amazing!!!! Our client wanted high impact, we supplied DECÒRTEN, a particular type of decorative effect that can be used both on interiors and exteriors. Our fully trained applicators applied a coat of WALL BASE 025 primer. This is a special material it is vital to protect all surfaces and nearby items that should not be treated with DECÒRTEN, DECÒRTEN. We applied the first coat, leaving it to dry and then applied the second coat. It is critical to get the timing “just right”, when the second coat begins to dry (dry to touch), we sprayed DECÒRTEN OXIDANT A on to the surface. Timing is again critical, after approx. 10-15 minutes, we spray DECÒRTEN ACTIVATOR B and atomize uniformly all over surface (protective gloves and goggles are advised). When it was completely dry,we finally applied a coat of SILATOP COAT HYDRO protective as a final coat, thisblocks the oxidizing effect and allows the surface to be cleaned easily, making the wall water repellent.!! It is necessary to point out that dappling, difference in tones and shading are natural characteristic of the process. This is a minimum 3 coat process and specifically drying times are crucial to a successful outcome.

Bronze Cara de la Rocca
This is a different use of this material; it’s also used on floors! It has been created by our in house craftsmen in conjunction with our Spanish colleagues. The key features are the TOUCH and FEEL. This is a polymer coating consisting of fibres, aggregates and other fine elements that builds to a 2-3 mm surface. We applied two coats of EASYFLOOR® BASEMICROCEMENT to achieve the desired aesthetic finish, treating with the help of flexible stainless steel trowels. Prior to application of each coat, measured drying time priorto the next stage isvital. A paint effect was then applied, using 2 metallic bronzesto achieve this dramatic effect.

Client: Majik House
Location: Lake District