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The ApplicArt Story

ApplicArt are specialist applicators of artisan wall decorations. We use our innovative bespoke range of polished plaster finishes and paint effects to give a truly unique finished feature to any residential or commercial space.
In the beginning, our owners had initially struggled to find polished plaster artisans in the north west of England, so decided to set up a well-funded facility based initially in Blackburn with a structured investment plan to develop the business further in the UK.

After a lot of research we contacted IMPEX COLOR, who have more than 20 years’ experience implementing their range of products throughout the world, most of which are based on traditional Italian procedures and formulas. IMPEX COLOR is also at the forefront of developing new products and modern technologies. Establishing a relationship with Topciment in Valencia followed this, giving the business a quality offering of Micro Cement finishes satisfying demanding client needs.

Creative Business

With the lack of a focused multi supply polished plastering business in the North West area, ApplicArt was born. We start by offering the best studio facility in the UK, the best training provision in the region, the largest stocks and computer controlled mixing facilities right here in the UK. We have the ability to provide architects designers and the like with the most advanced products and designs available on the UK market. With thanks to IMPEX COLOR who have trained our specialist teams of applicators enabling us to gain many quality projects.

Our success has grown through the results of hard work, capital investment, inventiveness and creativity which are apparent by our portfolio of completed products, our stunning showroom, and experience centres enabling our clients to see different room scenarios and applied finishes. All of our finishes are tailored and bespoke to the client’s individual taste.

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