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Frequently Asked Questions

Venetian Polished plaster consists of mainly marble dust, slaked lime, and marble chips and this is exactly the reason why it has such a distinctive look. The main use of polished plaster is on walls as well as ceilings. Typically applied over a primer as well as a key-coat base, layering can be as many as 4 times. It is also sealed using a layer of wax for added luxury feel and protection to give a stunning finish.

applicArt Ltd are sole UK distributors of Impex Color srl, based in Treviso Italy, for all Venetian Polished Plaster Materials. For Micro Cement products, our suppliers are Topciment.

Venetian Polished Plaster in its natural form is not waterproof, you can apply wax or some sealants to make it water resistant, but it will never be totally waterproof.

Cracks can sometimes appear through walls done in Polished or Venetian Plaster. This happens when the substrate is compromised – eg: plasterboard / MDF sheeting has shifted. The substrate needs to be repaired prior to us coming out. Depending on the level of the damage we can either patch the work or will need redo the wall.

Yes, you can order a small sample box, this gives you approx. x7 18cm x 10xm small samples or if you want larger samples or a specific finish we can check our Library of Samples and send these to you direct.

Yes you can visit our main 2 storey showroom in Darwen Lancashire or you can visit one of our Experience Centre’s: Portrait Pools, North West Fire Place Centre, Majik House or Stocktons, further information about our Experience Centres can be found on our website.

Please take a look at our Substrate Specification Sheet over on our Trade page.

You can remove Venetian Polished Plaster by sanding or scraping. If you want to over paint then sand it to create a key then apply your new surface.

Polished Plaster is a strong material, but it is also delicate, so cleaning should always be done gently, with sensitivity to the surface. We recommend using a soft damp cloth, water and a very mild soap, do not use bleach or harsh chemicals.
If Venetian Polished Plaster is used in an area where there could be oil or fat splashes, it is recommended that a clear heat resistant glass is put over the area to aid the protection of the Venetian Polished Plaster Surface

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