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Marmorino Naturale - Stucco Mirage - Marmorino Venezia Beton - DeCorten Rust

Client: Jason Rothwell
Location: Darwen

Take a look at the range of stunning Polished Plaster finishes at the new Artisan Cafe & Wine Bar, bringing a completely new Cafe culture atmosphere to Darwen.
Holding a five star rating from their customers, Artisan revel in being “More than just your regular bar”. Whether you want to enjoy an evening meal for two or catch up with some friends over cocktails, Artisan Cafe & Wine Bar provide a warm environment for all and cater for all occasions.

The first Polished Plaster Finish which catches your eye as you walk into the Cafe Bar area is the vibrant DeCorten Rust applied to the coffer and column areas. As you draw closer towards the Rust, you will notice the bar top which is coated in Micro Stone with a Metallic Silver Glaze.

As you make your way around the Cafe, more Polished Plaster finishes are revealed. On your left you will see Marmorino Venezia Beton applied to the wall areas, a light textured concrete finish, made to look like authentic concrete slabs. A cosy booth seating area holds a Marmorino Venezia Beton stencil bringing the Artisan logo to life.

Just before you reach the toilets, you will notice a stunning feature wall, Stucco Mirage. This beautiful feature wall brings the variation of Polished Plaster finishes all together.

Polished Plaster finishes have also been applied to walls in the toilet areas. Marmorino Naturale has been applied in various colours to the male, female and disabled toilets. A striking yellow Marmorino Naturale has been applied to the walls in both the female and disabled toilets, and a cool blue to the walls of the male toilets.