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Marmorino Venezia Travertino banded Stucco Antico

Winwick, Cheshire

Private Residence
Location: Winwick, Cheshire

Stunning Stucco & Travertino banded combination works well together at this residential swimming pool.
One of applicArt’s previous customers fancied a change to their already polished plaster walls. Originally they had a 3 tone IL Velluto paint effect, however after seeing other finishes the applicArt team had created on another project they completely fell in love with the combination of Stucco Antico and the classic Marmorino Venezia Travertino.

These two products work beautifully together especially in the banded design.

In a light cappuccino tone this Stucco Antico has a smooth shiny finish, banded next to the natural classic Travertino, which has a slight texture to it due to its large granular sizes of quartz and marble dust.