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1 Day

Decorative Wall Finishes Course
Our one day refresher course includes training on our product range and is suitable for existing applicators.

£100 + VAT

1 Day

Venetian Plaster Stencil Course
Our one day stencil course will teach you how to;

  • inlay stencils in Stucco
  • emboss stencils onto Marmorino
  • create wall art with reversible stencils

£195.00 +VAT

Venetian Plaster Stencil Course
Venetian Plaster Stencil Course

2 Day

Venetian Polished Plastering Course
On a two day course you will apply seven different plaster finishes/paint effects onto MDF sample panels which will form an essential part of your marketing material. Over the two days, the course will;
A. Demonstrate the proper use and best mixing method for 2pack filler is included
B. Demonstrate and allow you to practice how to spray apply protection coats, including
important information on viscosity and mixing You will learn how to apply;

  • Sealers
  • Waxes and wax banding
  • Protection coats

You will also learn Masking, which includes teaching you how to;

  • achieve best lines possible when de-masking
  • form shadow gapes
  • band one plaster on top of another
  • achieve stone blocking
  • achieve slate effect
  • achieve layered metal effect
  • achieve grade from dark to medium then light to create a stunning visual blend of colours

£290.00 +VAT

3 Day

Venetian Polished Plaster and Paint Effect Course
By participating in our three day course you will cover the same as the two day course but in addition you will apply in specially formed bays, approximately 4sq metres od Stucco and Marmorino on to a wall and column detail which will include;

  • 2 internal corners approximately 5 metres linear (Polished Plaster)
  • 1 external corner approximately 2 metres linear (Polished Plaster)
  • 1 external corner approximately 2 metres linear (Marmorino)
  • 1 internal corner approximately 2 metres linear (Marmorino)
  • 1 ceiling/soffit area with 3 internal angles and 1 external
  • 1.5 metres linear of skirting board detail
  • 500mm of shadow gap detail

Each of the above booths is individual to each trainee, sockets and light switches can be added to trowel around to make the training as realistic as possible.

£390.00 +VAT

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