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  1. New year, new home! 6 ways to improve your interiors for 2018

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    We are always looking into new ways to stay on top of trends and there is no better way to start the year by looking at what is ‘in’ and what is ‘out’. We have looked at some of the industry’s biggest publications to see what everyone is talking about and how we can give you the desired looks.




    Using different textures throughout a room will be a trend to pick up this year, whether this is in your furniture or the finishes you have on walls/floors. We can create many different textures with our polished plaster from a satin smooth to a grained concrete style. Both warm and cold colours together can add to this decorative effect.



    Concrete and terracotta

    A trend we also saw in 2017 was bringing the outdoors inside. Concrete furniture like stools, benches and tables give off a great industrial look. Both terracotta and concrete have a soft colour look and will stand out in a room without a bold colour or big centrepiece. Worktops and furniture can be completed with applicArts Micro Cement or Marmorino Naturale application.



    Clash in colours

    “We’re going to see a lot of clashing colours in 2018, There will be reds and greens, but also some mustards and blacks to bring it down a bit so it’s not too crazy.” Said MADE.com designer Ali Edwards. Clashing colours when done right look amazing and this can be done by conflicting against a natural looking wall or floor. Bright and bold artwork and furniture against a soft shell polished plaster wall will also help you achieve this look.



    Mixed material kitchens

    Going out of trend this year is all white kitchens, this will upset a lot of people as it is a very popular style. Everything is starting to look the same. In comes mixed materials, these can be spread across worktops, flooring, cabinets, walls and furniture. Even though different materials are being used it gives a more pulled together look and a homelier feel. So, step out of your comfort zone and give a concrete worktop a try or think about how textured wall would look in your home.



    Faux industrial

    Industrial is still in fashion, yet more of it needs to be authentic this year. This includes reclaimed furniture and industrial materials. Looking around on sites like eBay and Gumtree to find reclaimed items for the home will help with this look. Again, on the industrial materials, giving off the concrete look on flooring will help bring it all together



    Modern colour pallet

    2018 looks like the year of sage, it’s back in fashion and pushing out beige and magnolia. Any colour is possible with our huge range of product. After a short look through our products page, you will see the endless possibilities with polished plaster and micro-cement.

    Overall a lot of popular themes and items are going out this year but are being replaced with arguably more homely and better-looking alternatives. Do you like any of the styles above? Drop us a message on our contact page to see how we can help you out this year.