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  1. Getting the Summer Look

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    As the clocks go forward and the days get longer we like to look ahead and see what we can do in and around our houses to make them fit for summer. We have some great examples of how our products have been used in both exterior and interior areas to get you excited for the summer months

    A very popular product we have is Micro Concrete, this is due to the aesthetic appeal and versatility. Its strong feel means it can be used in high traffic areas like corridors and courtyards.

    As you can see in the example above it is being used as an entrance to a building, this shows its long-lasting durability. Micro Concrete is one of our natural looking products fitting well in outdoor areas and contrasting indoor themes.

    Another one of our ‘Micro’ range is Micro Stone, it comes in many colours and is suitable to use on floors, walls, worktops and wet areas. This is again a very versatile product and as you can see above has been used to create this stunning ‘floating’ staircase.

    Sticking to the natural theme, another one of our products that can be used both internally and externally is Marmorino Venezia Beton. This product is based on Marmorino plaster used centuries ago in palaces and villas. We offer a modern version of this which uses the ancient formulas alongside modern technologies. As you can see this is another one of our products that gives the ‘concrete look’ that can look great both indoor and outdoor.

    On the other side of the spectrum we have DeCòrten Rust, this product gives off the rusted look. DeCòrten is a metallic paint that gives off the unique finish and again can be used in both interior and exterior areas. In the past, we have seen this product used on signs, worktops, doors and more.

    If you want to find out more about any of the products mentioned visit our product page here. If you want to inquire about how we can help you achieve any of the looks above, you can get in touch on our contact page.

  2. New year, new home! 6 ways to improve your interiors for 2018

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    We are always looking into new ways to stay on top of trends and there is no better way to start the year by looking at what is ‘in’ and what is ‘out’. We have looked at some of the industry’s biggest publications to see what everyone is talking about and how we can give you the desired looks.




    Using different textures throughout a room will be a trend to pick up this year, whether this is in your furniture or the finishes you have on walls/floors. We can create many different textures with our polished plaster from a satin smooth to a grained concrete style. Both warm and cold colours together can add to this decorative effect.



    Concrete and terracotta

    A trend we also saw in 2017 was bringing the outdoors inside. Concrete furniture like stools, benches and tables give off a great industrial look. Both terracotta and concrete have a soft colour look and will stand out in a room without a bold colour or big centrepiece. Worktops and furniture can be completed with applicArts Micro Cement or Marmorino Naturale application.



    Clash in colours

    “We’re going to see a lot of clashing colours in 2018, There will be reds and greens, but also some mustards and blacks to bring it down a bit so it’s not too crazy.” Said MADE.com designer Ali Edwards. Clashing colours when done right look amazing and this can be done by conflicting against a natural looking wall or floor. Bright and bold artwork and furniture against a soft shell polished plaster wall will also help you achieve this look.



    Mixed material kitchens

    Going out of trend this year is all white kitchens, this will upset a lot of people as it is a very popular style. Everything is starting to look the same. In comes mixed materials, these can be spread across worktops, flooring, cabinets, walls and furniture. Even though different materials are being used it gives a more pulled together look and a homelier feel. So, step out of your comfort zone and give a concrete worktop a try or think about how textured wall would look in your home.



    Faux industrial

    Industrial is still in fashion, yet more of it needs to be authentic this year. This includes reclaimed furniture and industrial materials. Looking around on sites like eBay and Gumtree to find reclaimed items for the home will help with this look. Again, on the industrial materials, giving off the concrete look on flooring will help bring it all together



    Modern colour pallet

    2018 looks like the year of sage, it’s back in fashion and pushing out beige and magnolia. Any colour is possible with our huge range of product. After a short look through our products page, you will see the endless possibilities with polished plaster and micro-cement.

    Overall a lot of popular themes and items are going out this year but are being replaced with arguably more homely and better-looking alternatives. Do you like any of the styles above? Drop us a message on our contact page to see how we can help you out this year.

  3. Portrait Pools NEW showroom

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    applicArt continues to strengthen its relationship and collaboration with Portrait Pools – The Design Centre as their NEW showroom opens in Bollington, Cheshire.

    applicArt are proud to have completed several interior swimming pool projects during 2016 & 2017 in collaboration with Portrait Pools – The Design Centre, one of the UK’S most prestigious swimming pool design and installation companies.

    This association and close working relationship with Portrait Pools Design Centre has lead to applicArt’s expertise in Italian Decorative Polished Plaster Finishes being used within this exciting and amazing new showroom and design facility in Bollington , Cheshire.

    applicArt have applied White Stucco Antico finish to the showroom ceiling. The high end washroom, bathroom and shower facilities have metallic silver Marmorino Venezia, a textured finish on the showroom entrance way main ceiling beam.

    The elaborate and impressive audio visual client meeting room now has a feature wall of our  classic Italian Marmorino Venezia Travertino finish.

    To compliment this natural finish we have applied Mirage Rustico and our specialist metallic paint finishes on the rooms two audio visual TV display units, floating shelves and speaker columns all designed and colour toned to accent the amazing furniture and  furnishings within this impressive room.

    This new showroom and design facility has been carefully designed to show the vast variety and quality of wall, ceiling and flooring finishes available to the exclusive clientele of Portrait Pools along with an insight and flavour of the applicArt range of Italian decorative plaster wall, ceiling and flooring finishes available.

    The highly impressive array of marbles, tiling and lighting on view is combined with an especially designed display area showing a large selection of swimming pool finishing options. This display area will also house an applicArt Display stand complete with 600 mm x 600 mm sample boards with some of our most impressive decorative finish options. There will also be a selection of swatches of a number of our most popular 2016 decorative finishes along with our brochures and web site details.

    applicArt are continuing to further strengthen their relationship with Portrait Pools Design Centre with a number of exciting new projects currently on the agenda for 2017.

    Carl Hibbert, applicArt’s Senior Applicator has commented, ” We thoroughly enjoy working with Portrait Pools, due to their extremely professional approach and the level of quality that they bring to each and every project that we collaborate on. Their project planning , management and their client/contractor  communication and design input are invaluable on completing and delivering projects in a timely and efficient manner “

    We attended the Grand Opening of this new facility and we wish continued success to the Portrait Pools – Design Centre Team and we look forward to a long and fruitful working relationship with them.


    For more information about the Portrait Pools and the amazing work they do please visit their website in the link below.


  4. Can I Get Polished Plaster in Exterior Areas?

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    Polished Plaster and Micro Cement is one of the most versatile materials for use in and around your property. This is due to its antibacterial benefits and the way it can be used on existing walls/floors. A lot of people don’t know that some Polished Plaster and Micro Cements can be used in outdoor areas. We have picked 4 products that work great on exteriors all with different aesthetics and benefits.

    DeCorten Rust

    One of our most unique looking products mimics the looks of an aged rusted surface. DeCòrten is a metallic paint that creates the “Corten steel” effect. It looks great on signage and entrances. In the past, we have done this on restaurants and shops to give an aged effect. It looks great and becomes a standout piece in any room.

    Marmorino Pasta Media

    On the other end of the spectrum to DeCorten is Marmorino Pasta Media. This product is created by a mixture of selected dusts and marble grits to give off a colourful patterned look. It looks great and although uses traditional methods you get a modern look.

    Marmorino Venezia Travertino

    Marmorino Venezia Travertino comes in many colours and as you can see in the image above can have metallic tones. Colours can be mixed with this product meaning you can give off a natural stone look and with a simple change have a glossy metallic shine.

    Micro Cement

    The most versatile of our products, Micro Cement is very strong and can be used in high-traffic areas like walkways, stairs, and courtyards. It has Cement in the name but is much stronger as it has a polyurethane layer making it resistant to scratches, slipping and staining.


    The benefits of using Polished Plaster in exterior areas

    As you can see all of these products have their unique looks and can be used in different situations in both commercial and residential properties.

    Not all of the benefits include the looks. When dry, Polished Plaster and Micro Cement become hard like rock making it very strong against outdoor elements. It also has good moisture resistance and it is resistant to moulds due to it being naturally antibacterial.

    An outdoor area (Especially in the UK) will become exposed to water. Our Polished Plaster products have sufficient water repellence giving you the peace of mind that your wall/floor will always look great.


    If you like the idea of polished plaster on your exteriors, contact us and we can get in touch with how we can help.


  5. The many misconceptions of Polished Plaster

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    The many misconceptions of polished plaster

    Polished Plaster is often misconceived and mistaken by its benefits and uses. Lots of people have some thoughts about it that aren’t true and we wanted to clear things up in this blog. Here are some false statements about Polished Plaster and why they aren’t true.

    “Polished Plaster is too expensive”

    The truth behind this statement is that Venetian Plaster is more expensive than a painted finish, but unlike where paint needs to be re-applied every couple of years, the Venetian Plaster is a lifelong finish. The material comes with the benefit that it is naturally resistant to mould and very strong meaning it is unlikely to crack like a normal concrete.

    Polished Plaster is ‘tacky’

    We have read and heard that some people find Polished Plaster to be ‘tacky’ and unkempt. At applicArt, we stock 18 products that are all different to each other. They all have unique looks and textures that can be used in all areas of a house or commercial building’s, such as restaurants, bars, office space and even swimming pools. Some of our modern styles are below.

    Polished Plaster can’t be used in wet areas

    With some of our Polished Plaster products like Stucco Veneziano, this statement is true. The most popular product used in wet areas is micro cement, which technically isn’t a polished plaster, however, materials such as Marmorino Venezia Travertino, Marmorino Venezia and Marmorino Naturale can all be used in wet areas like showers, spas and pools. Micro Cement, Marmorino, Metallique and Micro Oxide can be used in wet areas like showers, spas and pools.

    Can I apply Polished Plaster myself?

    This can be true but just with all things if you want the job done right you hire a professional. Applying Polished Plaster is a technical process and takes a lot of skill to get a great finish. Especially with some of our textured and veined products, mastering the art of handling the trowel is a task in itself! If Polished Plaster interests you and you would like to learn how to master the trade, we have a training course that can help you. You can find out this here.

    Polished Plaster is only for walls

    This is a common misconception as people don’t think that Polished Plaster is strong enough for floors. Products from the Marmorino range have worked great on floors in various areas; including wet rooms, pool areas and kitchens. Another material greatly used on floors is micro cement. Micro Cement has also been tested in high traffic areas where it performs very well.

    The styles are limited with Polished Plaster

    Polished Plaster has been around for hundreds of years and people still think that there is only one style. At applicArt, we have 18 different products all with unique colours, textures and benefits. The range you have with polished plaster is endless, with the ability to imitate concrete or even rusted metal.

    So now you know the truth behind Polished Plaster and some of its great benefits. If you would like some more information on how our products can be used, have a look at our projects section.

  6. What different finishes can I achieve with Polished Plaster?

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    A question we get a lot at applicArt is ‘What finish does this give?’ A lot of our plasters have a textured finish and this is the feature that really grabs some of our customers. To help you out we have put this blog together to list some of the finishes that can be achieved with our products.

    Picking the right texture for the room you are decorating is important, along with the colours and other features you have, will also affect your choice.

    We have summarised some of our popular products below, detailing their finish.


    Authentic Veined Stucco Veneziano

    Authentic Veined Stucco Veneziano

    As you can see from the image, the veined technique gives off a very traditional look. The technique is created by hand drawing stands of pigment through the plaster mix. The mix is then trowelled on in layers, randomly being cut back to achieve the visibility of the veins. The best examples we have seen of this effect is in kitchens and bathrooms where the marbled look fits right in.

    Cara De La Rocca

    Cara De La Rocca

    On the other end of the spectrum to Stucco Veneziano, Cara De La Rocca has a rough textured finish that can look great as a feature wall in a room making anything stand out. As you can see from the images above it gives off a glittery effect that gives a contrast to the rough natural look. As well as the looks Cara De La Rocca is very good in wet areas like spas and around pools.

    DeCòrten Rust

    DeCòrten Rust

    As you can probably guess from the name DeCòrten Rust gives the look of rusted metal. This is created using metallic paint which lasts a lot longer than the real thing in both interiors and exteriors. DeCòrten suits both modern and traditional styles, by means of a unique finish that reproduces an authentic look.

    Easyfloor Micro Cement

    One of our most versatile products, Easyfloor can produce various finishes. It is highly durable and is available in any colour you can think of in gloss, matt or satin. Special trowels are used to get the textured effect, and due to its durability and water-resistant properties, it is a favourite in wet rooms, steam rooms, saunas and even swimming pools.

    So not only do our products look great, they also work well in different internal and exterior spaces. If you would like to get some more information on our products or check out case studies on the products, you are interested in please visit our products section.

    Job examples



  7. applicArt’s Summer Design Inspiration

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    applicArts summer design inspirations

    Summer is a great time to rethink about how you can change the look of your interiors. At applicArt, we are always thinking about different ways to stay on trend and up to date. That’s why we are here to help by giving you some of our summer inspiration using our most popular products. You might find it quite amazing what you can do with Polished Plaster.

    Bathroom/ Wetroom

    Polished Plaster has been used in bathrooms for quite a while on floors and walls, however, we are starting to see more creativity and this being incorporated into the design of the actual furniture.

    Img from mikewye.co.uk

    Besides the great natural look, using Polished Plaster has many benefits over alternatives including its waterproofing, antibacterial, and environmentally friendly nature. It can also be used on difficult surfaces due to its flexibility. These all come in useful within a bathroom.

    Img from MARGOT HOUSE BARCELONA by petite passport

    The shower area above shows all of these great features of Polished Plaster. The flowing lines are a great look. You create a great natural feel, within a room full of modern amenities. The shelving parts of the wall make the room look solid and high quality. This look can be easily created by using applicArts Micro Cement or Marmorino Naturale application.

    Living areas

    Img from rupertbevan.com

    As Polished Plaster becomes more popular, how it is applied will continually evolve. We love this use of geometric shapes to create a tiled look. As well as looking great in this living area, we also think it would look great in both kitchens and bathrooms.

    Img from Decorex.com

    Another new style is having two contrasting Polished Plaster effects alongside each other. Whether this be used in stripes or different sections it can give off a unique contemporary look. We love the example above used in a hallway, and it looks great with the shine on the flooring. You can get both of these looks from Stucco Da Vinci or Stucco Antico Polished Plaster


    Img from thesefourwallsblog.com

    One of the best places to use Polished Plaster is in the kitchen as you can make use of all of its benefits. We love it in these kitchen splash backs as they not only look great but are also very easy to clean like a tile. Being a well-used area you also have the added extra of it being easy to repair if you ever get any problems not having to replace large sections of a wall/floor.


    Img from Custommade.com

    Now to our favourite example. We have seen and taken inspiration from this fabulous kitchen worktop, which looks fantastic with the rustic wood compliments. We see Polished Plaster used a lot with darker wood colours as it gives a modern/natural look. This effect can be achieved with our Marmorino Pasta Media application or Micro Cement.

    If you have taken any inspiration from this blog, get in touch now to find out how we can help transform your home this summer. Alternatively, if you just want to get a better idea of our work why not arrange a visit to one of our showrooms.


    Image Sources


    (MARGOT HOUSE BARCELONA by petite passport)





  8. Why choose Venetian Polished Plaster?

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    If you are unfamiliar with polished plaster, it’s a durable, versatile way of re-designing your home for a relatively low cost. There are many options you can go for when thinking about interior redesigns but for the price, quality and overall aesthetics polished plaster comes on top.

    So what are the benefits of polished plaster?

    Venetian polished plaster has been around for many years and it always looks great. Although it is different to a painted finish, Venetian plaster is a smooth surface making it easy to modify. With little preparation you can easily make a touch-up or give a room a facelift, to retain a fresh appearance in your home.

    Unlike painted materials, Venetian polished plaster can be safely used on tiles, wood, bricks, cement boards and drywall its all down to the quality of the substrate. It is also the easiest wall treatment to use on difficult obstacles like archways and edges. This makes it a great material to use in feature rooms, kitchens and pool rooms.

    The way it looks

    At applicArt we have 17 different types of polished plaster, all coming in various colours, shades and textures. Polished plaster looks amazing and gives the effect of a high priced, luxury wall or floor.

    To go along with all of the features and great aesthetics, Venetian plaster is environmentally friendly. All of the ingredients are natural and non-toxic. The lime that is in the mixture has a naturally high PH value, this means it acts as an antibacterial surface, which hinders the chance of fungus or mould making polished plaster walls great for kitchens, bathrooms and pool/spa areas.

    Polished plaster examples

    We have some more great examples on our gallery and products page.

    At applicArt our artisan international applicators have been creating bespoke wall finishes since for many years, using the highest quality tools and marble polished plaster products possible. We pride ourselves in perfection and it shows in our great work.

    If you want to know more about our Venetian polished plaster or would like to enquire on price and availability you can contact our customer service team today.

  9. Applicart Visits Venice the home of Venetian Plaster.

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    In order for applicArt to remain at the forefront of the specialised wall and floor finish market it is important for us to keep up to date with the very latest Venetian Plaster application techniques.

    We are continuously developing our product ranges, our team and their skills, we do this in a variety of ways one of the most important of which is through very close working relationships with our exclusive suppliers. These are some the reasons why applicArt are the leading polished plaster company in the North of England.

    Carl our senior applicator and Mark our project manager recently had a three day visit to one of our principal suppliers in Venice, Italy; the home of Venetian plastering.

    Whilst there the applicArt team had a lot to pack in during their three day visit. The first day allowed the team time to visit our supplier’s headquarters to see the latest advances in polish plaster finish technology displayed with traditional Italian flare in their 3000 ft² showroom.

    The team where then able to take in a video presentation of the latest polished plastering application techniques and products including the very exciting DeCorten Rust effect wall finish. From there it was time to put the new found knowledge into practice with an afternoon in the training studio going over the intricacies of how to finish plaster with company managing director Danilo Panizzo who has over 40 years of experience within the polished plaster industry.


    IMG_8690 (1)

    Day 2 was spent visiting our polished plaster suppliers various operations in Venice and Treviso and getting to know the people that Applicart usually interact with over the telephone on a more personal basis with a view to forming stronger relationships. Perhaps the highlight of the day was the opportunity to visit the Venetian plaster manufacturing facility where all the plaster finishes are made to exacting specifications, we were taken through the facility from the beginning in the technology centre were the various experts carry out plaster design, through the impressive manufacturing plant and onto the end in the climate controlled warehouse stocked full of venetian plaster ready to ship all over the world.

    Venetian Plaster Manufacturing Plant


    The third and final day started in the technology centre going through the latest Corab shop software system which we use at applicArt to produce coloured plaster to our client’s specification. From there it was on to Venice itself for a busman’s holiday to see the traditional marmorino plaster ceilings, Stucco plaster walls and ancient art of fresco plastering seen throughout the city in the various alcoves and murals. Now back in the UK there is no rest for the team as we are hosting a 2 day visit from our Spanish suppliers of micro cement before preparing to start work on a new 38 story hotel in Canary Wharf in operation “polished plaster London”!

    Ancient Venetian Plaster

  10. Polished Plaster Finish applied to bespoke Kitchen Panels

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    Not only do we applicate direct on to walls and floors, we can apply our polished plaster finish on almost anything.

    Our friends at Hart-Woods Kitchens in Prestbury Cheshire, have in their stunning showroom different samples of the many polished plaster finishes, which we have applied to sample cupboard doors and panels.

    At the request of one their clients they wished to have made to measure bespoke panels incorporated in their design concept. They chose the polished plaster finish Steel Rust, to create a more authentic look steel rivets have also been added to give a realistic effect.

    Firstly we applied a base coat to the panels and left to dry. We then measured, drilled, glued the steel rivets in place.

     Polished Plaster Finish Panels - Prep work

    Polished Plaster Finish Panels – Prep work

     Polished Plaster Finish Panels - Prep work

    Polished Plaster Finish Panels – Prep work

    The next stage was to hand apply the Silver and Steel tones, by using the two different tones I think this adds depth to the overall ‘steel’ look.

     Polished Plaster Finish Panels - Silver Tones

    Polished Plaster Finish Panels – Silver Tones

    The final stage was to apply the DeCorten Rust Finish.

     Polished Plaster Finish Panels - Steel Rust effect

    Polished Plaster Finish Panels – Steel Rust effect

    Steel Rust effect

    Steel Rust effect

    We hope you agree that these are truly stunning examples of how polished plaster can transform a simple piece of MDF to a unique made to measure panel, enhancing the luxurious feel to the whole design.

     Steel Rust effect

    Steel Rust effect

    Watch out for the follow up pictures of the panels installed within the project.