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  1. New year, new home! 6 ways to improve your interiors for 2018

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    We are always looking into new ways to stay on top of trends and there is no better way to start the year by looking at what is ‘in’ and what is ‘out’. We have looked at some of the industry’s biggest publications to see what everyone is talking about and how we can give you the desired looks.




    Using different textures throughout a room will be a trend to pick up this year, whether this is in your furniture or the finishes you have on walls/floors. We can create many different textures with our polished plaster from a satin smooth to a grained concrete style. Both warm and cold colours together can add to this decorative effect.



    Concrete and terracotta

    A trend we also saw in 2017 was bringing the outdoors inside. Concrete furniture like stools, benches and tables give off a great industrial look. Both terracotta and concrete have a soft colour look and will stand out in a room without a bold colour or big centrepiece. Worktops and furniture can be completed with applicArts Micro Cement or Marmorino Naturale application.



    Clash in colours

    “We’re going to see a lot of clashing colours in 2018, There will be reds and greens, but also some mustards and blacks to bring it down a bit so it’s not too crazy.” Said MADE.com designer Ali Edwards. Clashing colours when done right look amazing and this can be done by conflicting against a natural looking wall or floor. Bright and bold artwork and furniture against a soft shell polished plaster wall will also help you achieve this look.



    Mixed material kitchens

    Going out of trend this year is all white kitchens, this will upset a lot of people as it is a very popular style. Everything is starting to look the same. In comes mixed materials, these can be spread across worktops, flooring, cabinets, walls and furniture. Even though different materials are being used it gives a more pulled together look and a homelier feel. So, step out of your comfort zone and give a concrete worktop a try or think about how textured wall would look in your home.



    Faux industrial

    Industrial is still in fashion, yet more of it needs to be authentic this year. This includes reclaimed furniture and industrial materials. Looking around on sites like eBay and Gumtree to find reclaimed items for the home will help with this look. Again, on the industrial materials, giving off the concrete look on flooring will help bring it all together



    Modern colour pallet

    2018 looks like the year of sage, it’s back in fashion and pushing out beige and magnolia. Any colour is possible with our huge range of product. After a short look through our products page, you will see the endless possibilities with polished plaster and micro-cement.

    Overall a lot of popular themes and items are going out this year but are being replaced with arguably more homely and better-looking alternatives. Do you like any of the styles above? Drop us a message on our contact page to see how we can help you out this year.

  2. Polished Plaster Finish applied to bespoke Kitchen Panels

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    Not only do we applicate direct on to walls and floors, we can apply our polished plaster finish on almost anything.

    Our friends at Hart-Woods Kitchens in Prestbury Cheshire, have in their stunning showroom different samples of the many polished plaster finishes, which we have applied to sample cupboard doors and panels.

    At the request of one their clients they wished to have made to measure bespoke panels incorporated in their design concept. They chose the polished plaster finish Steel Rust, to create a more authentic look steel rivets have also been added to give a realistic effect.

    Firstly we applied a base coat to the panels and left to dry. We then measured, drilled, glued the steel rivets in place.

     Polished Plaster Finish Panels - Prep work

    Polished Plaster Finish Panels – Prep work

     Polished Plaster Finish Panels - Prep work

    Polished Plaster Finish Panels – Prep work

    The next stage was to hand apply the Silver and Steel tones, by using the two different tones I think this adds depth to the overall ‘steel’ look.

     Polished Plaster Finish Panels - Silver Tones

    Polished Plaster Finish Panels – Silver Tones

    The final stage was to apply the DeCorten Rust Finish.

     Polished Plaster Finish Panels - Steel Rust effect

    Polished Plaster Finish Panels – Steel Rust effect

    Steel Rust effect

    Steel Rust effect

    We hope you agree that these are truly stunning examples of how polished plaster can transform a simple piece of MDF to a unique made to measure panel, enhancing the luxurious feel to the whole design.

     Steel Rust effect

    Steel Rust effect

    Watch out for the follow up pictures of the panels installed within the project.



  3. Polished Plaster Master applicator in Action

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    These short video clips will show you the various skills and techniques needed when applicating Polished Plaster. Just watch applicArt’s Polished Plaster Master applicator in ACTION!

    As one of our residential projects is drawing to an end, I decided to venture out of the applicArt office and visit our team of applicators on site in Prestbury, Cheshire.

    Within a few minutes of arriving on site I could appreciate the grand scale of the work the team have tackled and worked hard to achieve near completion. Unfortunately a lot of our work had been covered up by the decorators with wall protection sheets, in preparation for their own work. So I took the opportunity to watch (and video) our master applicators in action.

    There have been many areas within the project that our Polished Plaster finishes have been applied including a winding staircase, curved corridor, huge feature walls in the Swimming Pool area plus the entire floors surrounding the pool area.

    I was lucky enough to be there when our applicator applied the second coat of Marmorino Venezia to the poolside edge. During this application process the applicator achieves the unusual texture (I think it resembles coral reef, but that is probably just my opinion)

    After the primer and first coat of Marmorino Venezia is applied it is left to completely dry. Then to add the texture another coat of the Marmorino Venezia is applied, its smoothed over to begin with but then using additional material on the trowel it is lightly applied with a dabbing action, this is what gives depth within the texture.

    After a short period of drying time (depending on air temperature), the applicator goes back to where he started. Using his trowel he lightly smooths over the raised texture taking away any excess material. This then leaves the final look of the finish. Once it has been left to dry completely it will be coloured in the same colours as the feature walls. To complete the application the coats of waterproof protection lacquer will be applied.

    I look forward to my return visit once the project is 100% completed so I can see the final look of all our stunning finishes.

    Watch out for the completed project pictures in our Residential Projects Page.

  4. Bespoke Polished Plaster sample boards

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    applicArt pride ourselves on having the knowledge and skill set to create a polished plaster finish unique to your own design concept.

    Often we are approached by clients, project managers or interior designers who have already developed ideas for their interior design. They have already collaborated with other elements of the design for example; the flooring or soft furnishings, or artwork.

    It’s at that point they come to our team of applicators to see if they can create a bespoke polished plaster finish that will perfectly match with everything else within the project. We have often been given strips of wallpaper or a floor tile to match so we can tailor make a sample of the final finish. This allows our applicators to use the computerised mixing machine which records the whole formula of how that finish/colour has been achieved, this is right down to every gram of colourant.

    The 600×600 sample board is taken by the client to see how the finish will look on its chosen wall or floor and how  it matches to the other elements in the room. If they want a slightly different tone or texture we will happily make them another. We provide two free sample boards per project.

    Here are a number of sample boards that we have already made for our clients.

    Sample Board - Pasta Media & Silver Animamnudo

    Sample Board – Pasta Media & Silver Animamundo

    Sample Board - Stucco Da Vinci

    Sample Board – Stucco Da Vinci

    Sample Board - Cara De La Rocca

    Sample Board – Cara De La Rocca

    Sample Board - Coloured Marmorino Venezia Travertino

    Sample Board – Coloured Marmorino Venezia Travertino

    Sample Board - Marmorino Naturale

    Sample Board – Marmorino Naturale


    Sample Board - DeCorten Rust

    Sample Board – DeCorten Rust

  5. Micro Cement instead of Tiles!!

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    Are you tired of cleaning the grime from your bathroom tiles??If yes, then we have the solution – EasyFloor Micro Cement can be applied on to almost every surface (even your tiles). This being your walls, ceilings, sink units, shelving units.

    Ensure the substrate is of a decent standard, properly preparing the substrate is one of the most important steps to the final look of the micro cement. A mesh is applied followed by a base coat and the final coats of the fino micro cement. The micro cement has a final coat of waterproof lacquer ensuring the product is protected.

    This can be a smooth or textured finish with a huge variety of colours available to suit your personal taste.

    The care of your micro cement is extremely important if you wish it to maintain its performance.

    Here are a few tips for you to consider:

    First 72 Hours:  Do not wash or wipe the floor with any product, it is essential to aerate the room steadily within this time period. Do not walk directly on top of application, do not pour liquids on surface avoiding colour change. Room temperature needs to maintain above 15 degrees Celsius.

    First 7 Days: Cover the surface to protect from scratches and soil. You can very gently clean the floor using water. Avoid shock, items from falling and spillages. The temperature of the application should remain above 15 degrees Celsius.

    First Month: During the first month you need to take care of the surface avoiding moving any heavy furniture that could scratch the floor. Clean with a mild soap and water or neutral detergent like the Easyfloor Cleaner. After cleaning the floor will probably be clarified, this is normal. Remember for the first month to keep the temperature above 15 degrees Celsius.

    micro cement wet room


  6. Add Autumn tones with Polished Plaster

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    Are you looking for something different to liven up your walls this Autumn?
    applicArt can create bespoke wall finishes that will bring the colours of Autumn inside your home. Using the finest Polished Plaster products along with our expertise & knowledge we can transform your walls by adding warm tones of gold, copper & bronzes to make a seasonal statement in your home

    visit www.applicart.co.uk for more information on our finishes

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  7. Discover the AMAZING benefits of Venetian Polished Plaster Finishes

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    Are you planning to redesign your home? Do you want to have a new interior design that will look stylish and elegant, without costing as much as a full renovation? We provide a professional artisan service that specialises in decorative wall finishes. Our highly skilled applicators can create bespoke wall finishes using the highest quality Italian Polished Plaster. These types of finishes offer amazing benefits to both residential and commercial.

    Versatile, Venetian Polished Plaster can be applied to any type of new surface or pre-existing wall, can be safely used on wood, bricks, stone, tiles, cement boards and drywall. Also the easiest finishing treatment option for complex surfaces such as archways and columns.

    Durability, another excellent benefit of Venetian Polished Plaster is its durability. This kind of material can last for many years, once the plaster coating has dried it will be transformed into a rock-like material. It has the ability to withstand impact and slight movements lasting longer than other wall paint finishes, making it the most practical option for your home.

    Characteristics, one of the products distinctive characteristics is its essentially mineral composition and its indubitable advantages provided by excellent breath ability. This prevents moisture from accumulating inside the wall finish providing resistance to the primary attack of damp, ageing, moulds, mildews and bacteria. This is why Venetian Polished Plaster finishes are suitable for Kitchens, Bathrooms and Pool/Spa areas.


  8. DIY SOS

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    Watch out for our team on a screen near you coming soon. We are proud to have been part of such a deserving cause – More news on this as it becomes available