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  1. What different finishes can I achieve with Polished Plaster?

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    A question we get a lot at applicArt is ‘What finish does this give?’ A lot of our plasters have a textured finish and this is the feature that really grabs some of our customers. To help you out we have put this blog together to list some of the finishes that can be achieved with our products.

    Picking the right texture for the room you are decorating is important, along with the colours and other features you have, will also affect your choice.

    We have summarised some of our popular products below, detailing their finish.


    Authentic Veined Stucco Veneziano

    Authentic Veined Stucco Veneziano

    As you can see from the image, the veined technique gives off a very traditional look. The technique is created by hand drawing stands of pigment through the plaster mix. The mix is then trowelled on in layers, randomly being cut back to achieve the visibility of the veins. The best examples we have seen of this effect is in kitchens and bathrooms where the marbled look fits right in.

    Cara De La Rocca

    Cara De La Rocca

    On the other end of the spectrum to Stucco Veneziano, Cara De La Rocca has a rough textured finish that can look great as a feature wall in a room making anything stand out. As you can see from the images above it gives off a glittery effect that gives a contrast to the rough natural look. As well as the looks Cara De La Rocca is very good in wet areas like spas and around pools.

    DeCòrten Rust

    DeCòrten Rust

    As you can probably guess from the name DeCòrten Rust gives the look of rusted metal. This is created using metallic paint which lasts a lot longer than the real thing in both interiors and exteriors. DeCòrten suits both modern and traditional styles, by means of a unique finish that reproduces an authentic look.

    Easyfloor Micro Cement

    One of our most versatile products, Easyfloor can produce various finishes. It is highly durable and is available in any colour you can think of in gloss, matt or satin. Special trowels are used to get the textured effect, and due to its durability and water-resistant properties, it is a favourite in wet rooms, steam rooms, saunas and even swimming pools.

    So not only do our products look great, they also work well in different internal and exterior spaces. If you would like to get some more information on our products or check out case studies on the products, you are interested in please visit our products section.

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  2. Bespoke Polished Plaster sample boards

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    applicArt pride ourselves on having the knowledge and skill set to create a polished plaster finish unique to your own design concept.

    Often we are approached by clients, project managers or interior designers who have already developed ideas for their interior design. They have already collaborated with other elements of the design for example; the flooring or soft furnishings, or artwork.

    It’s at that point they come to our team of applicators to see if they can create a bespoke polished plaster finish that will perfectly match with everything else within the project. We have often been given strips of wallpaper or a floor tile to match so we can tailor make a sample of the final finish. This allows our applicators to use the computerised mixing machine which records the whole formula of how that finish/colour has been achieved, this is right down to every gram of colourant.

    The 600×600 sample board is taken by the client to see how the finish will look on its chosen wall or floor and how  it matches to the other elements in the room. If they want a slightly different tone or texture we will happily make them another. We provide two free sample boards per project.

    Here are a number of sample boards that we have already made for our clients.

    Sample Board - Pasta Media & Silver Animamnudo

    Sample Board – Pasta Media & Silver Animamundo

    Sample Board - Stucco Da Vinci

    Sample Board – Stucco Da Vinci

    Sample Board - Cara De La Rocca

    Sample Board – Cara De La Rocca

    Sample Board - Coloured Marmorino Venezia Travertino

    Sample Board – Coloured Marmorino Venezia Travertino

    Sample Board - Marmorino Naturale

    Sample Board – Marmorino Naturale


    Sample Board - DeCorten Rust

    Sample Board – DeCorten Rust