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Stove Restaurant, Brimstone Spa at Langdale, Langdale

Stove restaurant bar front

Project Description

The Brimstone Spa is the latest addition to the Langdale Estate, one of the most luxurious hotel and spa destinations in the north of England.

The 29-week project involved the dismantling of the existing treatment rooms before two extensions were built to accommodate the new state-of-the-art concept.

Lavishly contemporary in style, the spa features the latest tailor-made designs and innovative equipment for the ultimate relaxation and well-being experience.

The Brimstone Spa follows the opening of ‘Stove’, an award-winning restaurant and bar which Medlock completed at the 35-acre Lake District retreat. The ‘Stove’ restaurant is where you can see applicArt’s polished plaster finishes, the finishes applied to the ‘Stove’ bar front and feature wall are Black Stucco Da Vinci with Silver Metallique, with a large indented vein detail for added depth and character.

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Stove bar front, Black Stucco Metalique with indented vein detail
Stove Restaurant, bar front and feature wall

Project Details

Client: Medlocks frb

Location: Langdale

Date: March 2017


Fantastic work from the applicArt team

Always a great professional team, who work hard to achieve the results of the designers requirements.

Stunning finishes

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