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Sebastian Blake Designer Bathrooms, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Project Description

Sebastian Blake Designer Bathrooms offer their clients a bathroom of pure self indulgence, well being and comfort.

Promising to leave you fully satisfied, Sebastian Blake ease the process of choosing the perfect bathroom for you.

applicArt, along with several top designer brands, have a collection of our finishes on show at the Sebastian Blake Designer Bathroom showroom in the heart of Gosforth.

Stucco Antico has been applied to a ceiling area, in a Carrera Marble effect. This product ensures workability, resistance and durability, and is available in 25 plus colours, leaving you spoilt for choice. White Stucco Antico was chosen to create a look of sophistication within the luxury bathroom setting.

Marmorino Venezia Textured, also in white, has been applied to a wall area in a bathroom setting. Possessing excellent durability and good resistance to both humidity and moulds enables Marmorino Venezia to be applied to wet ares, including bathrooms. This product is available in several colours, and works well with the Metallics range, giving you more than enough options.

Marmorino Venezia Travertino with Metallics has been applied to a feature wall, as well as a stencil, in an office setting. Travertino can be applied to both internal and external areas, meaning it has the ability to resist humidity and moulds to a high degree. This product can be coloured using our Metallics range, but is equally as stunning in it’s natural state. Sebastian Blake’s logo has been applied as a stencil on the same wall, bringing the company name to life.

Cara De La R0cca has been applied to another ceiling area, in a stunning mix of black and gold. The aesthetics are endless with this bespoke product, it’s main features being touch and feel, as can be seen in the images below. Cara De La Rocca is suitable in wet areas due to it being resistant to humidity and moulds.

Mirage, in nude pink, has been applied to a feature wall in an office room setting. This interior decorative finish is one of our more finer products, and is based on acrylic resin and metal-effect fillers that allow the creation of velvety colour solutions. Mirage is available in over 30 colours, and can also be used to create a ‘rustic’ effect, creating Mirage Rustico.

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Stucco ceiling in carrera marble effect
Stucco ceiling in carrera marble effect

Project Details

Client: Sebastian Blake

Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne

Date: January 2016

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