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Micro Cement & Epoxy Resin to residential, Darwen

Project Description

Our clients where looking for something different, but homely, for their open plan kitchen, so they came to us to assist them in creating their dream living space, and we did just that!

After looking on our website, our local clients loved our Micro range and were keen to visit our showroom to discuss the variety of options available. During the visit, our clients were drawn to a new product to our range, Epoxy Resin. After several discussions and back and forth visits to the showroom and site, our clients finally decided on Micro Cement in a mid grey tone for their floor, and white Epoxy Resin for their kitchen worktop.

Micro Cement is a highly durable coating, available in almost every colour imaginable, and can be coated in a high gloss, matt or sating sealer. This water resistant product is hand applied using specialist trowels which create unique visual effects and textures. This product is suitable for areas of high traffic, which makes it the perfect product for a kitchen floor!

Epoxy Resin (Reflector Enhancor) is engineered for both residential and commercial areas which are in need of a durable, long lasting, aesthetically pleasing floor. Our clients went for a white work top, with small particles of glitter mixed in for a slight shimmer effect.

Our clients were more than pleased with the results!

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Micro floor
Micro floor
Epoxy work top

Project Details

Client: Mr & Mrs Dixon

Location: Darwen

Date: October 2018

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