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Micro Cement and Epoxy Resin to Kitchen areas, Blackburn

Project Description

After visiting our showroom, our clients left feeling indecisive about what products to go with due to our wide range of options. They opted with a Micro Cement floor and Epoxy Resin work tops to complete their Kitchen.

Micro Cement in a mid grey tone has been applied the Kitchen floor to provide an alternative solution to your usual kitchen tiles, but with even more benefits! Being a highly durable product, Micro Cement is great for areas with high traffic, such as a regularly used kitchen. A visual texture from the trowel has been created for this floor, with a Gloss lacquer to finish.

White Epoxy Resin with a shimmer was chosen for the Kitchen work tops to achieve the aesthetically unique look our clients wanted. This product is easy to maintain, and with much care and attention, is very long lasting. Both Satin and Gloss finishes can be achieved with Epoxy Resin, as well as special colours to match a specific design or preferred colours.

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Project Details


Location: Blackburn

Date: February 2019

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