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Micro Cement - Stucco Mirage - Stucco Antico

Client: Novotel on Canary Wharf
Location: Canary Wharf

With 39 floors of luxury, Novotel on Canary Wharf is home to an award winning restaurant, an exclusive Le Club Lounge and a state-of-the-art gym! The applicArt’s finishes have been applied to several areas within this hotel, adding to the high end feel of the hotel.

Whilst having a relaxing swim, you will notice the stunning Stucco Mirage finish which has been applied to the walls surrounding the pool. This beautiful Polished Plaster finish has also been applied to the pool ceiling and column areas. Stucco Antico is produced using modern techniques to ensure great workability, resistance and very low dirt retention.

Mirage is characterised by an acrylic based resin and metallic pigments which guarantee velvet colour solutions with changing light effects, provided a fine finish. Polished Plaster has also been applied to the Presidential Suite on the 8th floor of this high end hotel. Both Micro Cement and Stucco Mirage have been applied to the wall areas.