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Continuous Professional Development

Specialists in Commercial Surface Design & Delivery

The use of polished plaster & micro-cement in design & construction

Maximise your design potential with our help

ApplicArt Limited are a team of artisan Venetian plasterers. We would like the opportunity to present to you our CPD that offers you a world of design potential.

What will you learn?

Our systems are used on floors and walls on the inside and outside of buildings. We have taken the ancient traditional venetian plasters to the next level and have created a whole new range of exciting design options.

What will you learn?
  • Main market drivers for polished plaster and micro-cement
  • History – Facts about Venetian plaster
  • Venetian plasters – the process of how it is manufactured
  • Venetian plasters – the development of bespoke finishes
  • Colour
  • Where they are used
  • The different types of plasters and flooring
  • Substrate specifications
  • Crack prevention
  • Case Studies


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