Our Commercial Work

A unique feel to your interior with hand crafted walls

Our team are experienced in working in challenging commercial projects, where attention to detail and completion to the agreed scope and programme are paramount, we have within our team over 30 years of global project execution.

We have worked on a number of key commercial projects, where we are supported by our principals in Spain and Italy to bring global techniques to the range of finishes we have to offer. We mix our colours here in the UK using the latest computer controlled methods, meaning strict quality control for any commercial finish. From design or architectural concept, through creation to final client satisfaction.

We start by understanding your project and the end clients need.

We will cover the various finishes available, we – in a controlled way – provide samples. A standing “house rule” is that all samples are signed off before we start, reviewed as we progress and used as a reference point thoughout the process.

Out technical and commercial team work closely with our partners to achieve a positive outcome.

Sustainability and our positive environmental impact on the project, are always considered. Modern designers now face the challenge of considering the life-long environmental impact of architectural projects; responsibility doesn’t end after the initial specification. They need to view the entire lifecycle of project components from raw materials to packaging to application and service life.

The main raw ingredients of ApplicArts polished plaster are lime together with re-cycled marble powder, crushed and graded as a by-product of marble slab and tile manufacturing. This creates a positive eco friendly solution, ensuring it is re-used rather than land-filled.

Coloured with natural pigments, ApplicArts polished plasters emit negligible VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and are stable and resistant to UV light. The finish is also building friendly, being vapour permeable it allows the structure to breathe.

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