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Hit Refresh – New season, New walls!

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The┬áLatest Thing is Already Old…

Keeping up with the latest interior trends is almost impossible, as once you have got up to date, you are already behind again! But Venetian Polished Plaster & Micro Cement never goes out of date, which is why it is the best product to use to always been on trend.

There is no better time to refresh your interior than Autumn, a time for a new school year, new Autumn clothes, a new season and fresh new walls / floors!

We have put together some inspiration to get your ideas flowing to make some interior change:

There are several colours associated with Autumn, we have chosen just some colours and finishes which would look great in your home!

First up is Black. Black may not be your go to colour when redecorating, but you may reconsider once you have read why black is the perfect colour for switching it up, all year round! Black is the absence of colour, so it makes for the perfect backdrop for other accent colours. Black has the ability to invigorate any room, from a small bedroom to an airy kitchen. Stucco Da Vinci is often the product which is most suited to black. Stucco is a highly polished finish, made up of slaked lime and selected inert minerals, ensuring great workability and resistance to dirt.

Orange is another colour which you see a lot of in Autumn, so why not include this in your home. Known to evoke enthusiasm and excitement, orange is a great colour when it comes increasing energy levels, so when you are feeling the winter blues, why not choose orange to boost your mood day in and out! Mirage is just one product which is well suited to orange tones. This very fine finish is characterised by an acrylic resin base and metallic pigments which guarantee velvet colour solutions with changing light effects.

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Black Mirage
Black Stucco Da Vinci
Black Stucco Da Vinci
Stucco Mirage Orange
Stucco Antico Dark Orange