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Keeping up with the latest colour trends

General Posted: by Applicart

Keeping up to date with the latest interior trends does not require rearranging your whole house, even the smallest touch of change such as new colours can modernise you home!

Look no further, we have found the colour trends coming up this year and how you can include Polished Plaster and Micro Cement to achieve these colour tones.

Woodland Shades

Mushroom greys and warm browns are in this season, bringing a touch of the outdoors in. Mushroom in itself is a distinctive colour, making for a great neutral tone to balance out your interiors. Our Metallique colour range is great when wanting to achieve these particular colours, as they can be mixed with one another to achieve your desired tones, whether it be greys or warm browns.


Pale Pink Colourways

Although some believe pink to be bland, this colour, due to its neutrality, is compatible with many other shades. Many Interior Designers say that Pale Pinks will be prove popular in 2019, as it has the ability to create the ideal look when mixed with whites or a lemon yellow. Mirage is a very fine finish, and is suited to more pale colour tones such as pale pink colourways, as can be seen in the images below.


Hunter Greens

Working beautifully with natural elements and neutral tones, Hunter Greens brings living spaces to life. Hunter green is well know for it’s relaxing properties, having the ability to improve feelings of tranquillity. This bold colour, if overused, could become too overwhelming. Hunter Green should be used in small doses, and would make for the perfect feature to compliment your living areas.


Off Cream

Off Cream, a colour perfectly suited to Modern Homemakers. Cream shades work with bolder, more colourful undertones to create a fresher look in your living space. Stucco Antico looks stunning in an off cream tone, as can be seen in the photo below.


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