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Top Interior Design Trends of 2018

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Now that 2018 is over, we can take the time to look back on the top 5 Interior Design trends of the past year, and upcoming trends as we go into 2019.

Among many popular Interior design trends in 2018, 5 came out on top: Bold colours, Mixed finises, Metallics, The return of Black and Earthy colours.

Bold colours

Just a splash of bold colour in a room’s decor can make all the difference. Along with bold colours such as neon yellow or red, comes the difficulty of incorporating other lighter tones into the decor to balance the colours out. A range of our products are available in 25 plus colours, including bold reds and blues etc. Pasta Media and Stucco Da Vinci are just two of our products which look stunning in bold tones.

Mixed finishes and colours

For those people who are into a more busier decor look, mixed finishes / colours are more than perfect. If you are torn between two colours, not to worry, you can have two in one. However, you have to be careful not to go overboard, mixed colours are better in small doses. Many of our products work well with each other, like Stucco Da Vinci with Mirage (Stucco Mirage). Both products are very fine finishes and the end product is stunning!


Return of Black

Many interior designers say that you can never go wrong with black, and I agree. Black walls may seem overly intimidating, but in reality, they have the ability to create a powerful and elegant statement in your home. To enhance the depth of black colour, we will add a black wax which when buffed gives the ultimate shine.


An alternate to the Gold leaf tradition, Metallics are much appreciated in the world of fine arts and wall decor. Our product, Metallique, offers a luxurious feel and look to any internal and external area. Our Metallique range works brilliantly with most of the products in the applicArt range, such as Marmorino Venezia.

Earthy Colours

If you enjoy the outdoors, but not the English cold weather, why not bring the outdoors in by adding earthy colours to your interior decor. Earthy organic colours can range from soft greens to rich neutrals like oyster. With our range of colours available, we have a wide variety of earthy tones to choose from. A new product to our range, Epoxy Resin, is available in a variety of colours, including Earthy tones.


Some people fall short of inspiration for interior design, so we have put together up coming trends for you to give a go throughout 2019.

Natural Elements

As we go into 2019, interior decor moves towards more fresh, natural products like concrete, stone and copper.  This variety of elements will bring an organic aura to any living space. Our Micro range, including Micro Concrete and Micro Stone, are just right for bringing natural elements indoors to transform a living space. A new product to our range, Metal Effect, is based on pure and natural metals. Being available in natural tones such as Brass and Dark Rame, this durable product has the ability to create the perfect amount of natural elements to any interior decor.

Black and White decor

This classic design trend may seem slightly out of place in 2019, however interior designers say this is a must have for interior decor in the upcoming years. The contrast between the two colours creates a sense of boldness in your home. Both Black and White work with any colour palette, and helps highlight any colour, which is why they are the perfect backdrop colour. Stucco Da Vinci / Antico, an easy polishing product, looks stunning in both Black and White.

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