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Mood board of the month – December

General Posted: by Applicart

As the evenings get darker, and the mornings get colder, we start layering up our clothes like there’s no tomorrow! Winter is one of my personal favourites when it comes to the four seasons. Who doesn’t love turning the heating on full whack and watching Christmas films on repeat.

Our December mood board represents all things wintry, with icy and festive tones. A variety of our products feature on this months mood board, including a new product to our range, Metal Effect.

Metal Effect is based on natural and pure metals, which make up about 80% of the product. This durable product performs best when mixed with resin. Metal Effect Aluminium is featured as the main board, perfect for those who like to go with more simple but classy colours. Metal Effect Gold Brass can be seen in the bottom right, a nice touch of bling to your home.

White Epoxy Resin is also a featured product on our December mood board. Epoxy Resin, along with Metal Effect, is new to our product range, which provides unique aesthetics.

Icy tones can be seen on the Ral colour charts, colours which we can match to. With our intelligent tinting system, we can colour match to most colour charts, all you have to do is provide us with the colour and we do the rest!

To enquire about the products mentioned please get in touch with office on 01254 703323.