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Can I Get Polished Plaster in Exterior Areas?

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Polished Plaster and Micro Cement is one of the most versatile materials for use in and around your property. This is due to its antibacterial benefits and the way it can be used on existing walls/floors. A lot of people don’t know that some Polished Plaster and Micro Cements can be used in outdoor areas. We have picked 4 products that work great on exteriors all with different aesthetics and benefits.

DeCorten Rust

One of our most unique looking products mimics the looks of an aged rusted surface. DeCòrten is a metallic paint that creates the “Corten steel” effect. It looks great on signage and entrances. In the past, we have done this on restaurants and shops to give an aged effect. It looks great and becomes a standout piece in any room.

Marmorino Pasta Media

On the other end of the spectrum to DeCorten is Marmorino Pasta Media. This product is created by a mixture of selected dusts and marble grits to give off a colourful patterned look. It looks great and although uses traditional methods you get a modern look.

Marmorino Venezia Travertino

Marmorino Venezia Travertino comes in many colours and as you can see in the image above can have metallic tones. Colours can be mixed with this product meaning you can give off a natural stone look and with a simple change have a glossy metallic shine.

Micro Cement

The most versatile of our products, Micro Cement is very strong and can be used in high-traffic areas like walkways, stairs, and courtyards. It has Cement in the name but is much stronger as it has a polyurethane layer making it resistant to scratches, slipping and staining.


The benefits of using Polished Plaster in exterior areas

As you can see all of these products have their unique looks and can be used in different situations in both commercial and residential properties.

Not all of the benefits include the looks. When dry, Polished Plaster and Micro Cement become hard like rock making it very strong against outdoor elements. It also has good moisture resistance and it is resistant to moulds due to it being naturally antibacterial.

An outdoor area (Especially in the UK) will become exposed to water. Our Polished Plaster products have sufficient water repellence giving you the peace of mind that your wall/floor will always look great.


If you like the idea of polished plaster on your exteriors, contact us and we can get in touch with how we can help.