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applicArt’s Summer Design Inspiration

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applicArts summer design inspirations

Summer is a great time to rethink about how you can change the look of your interiors. At applicArt, we are always thinking about different ways to stay on trend and up to date. That’s why we are here to help by giving you some of our summer inspiration using our most popular products. You might find it quite amazing what you can do with Polished Plaster.

Bathroom/ Wetroom

Polished Plaster has been used in bathrooms for quite a while on floors and walls, however, we are starting to see more creativity and this being incorporated into the design of the actual furniture.

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Besides the great natural look, using Polished Plaster has many benefits over alternatives including its waterproofing, antibacterial, and environmentally friendly nature. It can also be used on difficult surfaces due to its flexibility. These all come in useful within a bathroom.

Img from MARGOT HOUSE BARCELONA by petite passport

The shower area above shows all of these great features of Polished Plaster. The flowing lines are a great look. You create a great natural feel, within a room full of modern amenities. The shelving parts of the wall make the room look solid and high quality. This look can be easily created by using applicArts Micro Cement or Marmorino Naturale application.

Living areas

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As Polished Plaster becomes more popular, how it is applied will continually evolve. We love this use of geometric shapes to create a tiled look. As well as looking great in this living area, we also think it would look great in both kitchens and bathrooms.

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Another new style is having two contrasting Polished Plaster effects alongside each other. Whether this be used in stripes or different sections it can give off a unique contemporary look. We love the example above used in a hallway, and it looks great with the shine on the flooring. You can get both of these looks from Stucco Da Vinci or Stucco Antico Polished Plaster


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One of the best places to use Polished Plaster is in the kitchen as you can make use of all of its benefits. We love it in these kitchen splash backs as they not only look great but are also very easy to clean like a tile. Being a well-used area you also have the added extra of it being easy to repair if you ever get any problems not having to replace large sections of a wall/floor.


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Now to our favourite example. We have seen and taken inspiration from this fabulous kitchen worktop, which looks fantastic with the rustic wood compliments. We see Polished Plaster used a lot with darker wood colours as it gives a modern/natural look. This effect can be achieved with our Marmorino Pasta Media application or Micro Cement.

If you have taken any inspiration from this blog, get in touch now to find out how we can help transform your home this summer. Alternatively, if you just want to get a better idea of our work why not arrange a visit to one of our showrooms.


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