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Ideal Home Show 2017 – Event City

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Day 1 of the Ideal Home show was a real treat for all who stepped through the doors and gained entry under the Giant table and Chairs.

With stunning visionary pieces, you can be walking through garden ideas, admiring Jacuzzi’s, sitting at Fire pit tables or wondering how big of a garden you will need for the life size driftwood horse sculpture! It really is a feast for the eyes!



From the garden, straight into interiors and home improvements.

Here you can grab inspiration from the stunning exhibitor stands and their key design pieces. And have on hand expert advice from witty Interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen who was on stage talking with the audience about “what your home says about you”. 

He actually made some sense and I was impressed by the logic he had about color, apparently, it’s all quite scientific and comes down to the biology of the eye.

This was my basic understanding – When we see colour we see it from the retina, reds we see from the middle of our retina, blues we see from the outline of our retina. He said that when we use red on walls it pulls everything in and makes the room look smaller yet when we use blues it makes the room somewhat bigger and its down to where from within our retina and how our eyes view that colour. I’m sure he explained it better but you get the jist.

He talked about why a mix of creams and beiges is just too bland and why we should all forever refrain from putting it everywhere, he said to be brave and bold and pick the colours you want. He commented that the colour that is good for everyone is grey! (this made me very happy as my whole flat is basically grey but with pops of colour here and there)

We see grey like we see blues from the outline of our retina so your rooms will look bigger and lighter. But don’t go too grey, he said to add subtle hints of colour using your accessories and artwork. He also commented that how us Brits when given two candle sticks and a vase we like to turn it into an alter (basically we go symmetry mad) but actually what we should be focusing on is the balance of such items, so put the vase to one end of your fireplace and the two candle sticks at the other and you will achieve perfect balance!

Throughout all the exhibitor stands, Good Homes Magazine was selecting 4 stands that they Love! 

Our friends at North West Fire Place Centre was an exhibit Good Homes Magazine selected! We agree and think their exhibit looks fantastic. North West Fireplace Centre and applicArt have teamed up and we are now creating bespoke fireplace canopys that match their stunning bases and look amazing with their cutting edge design DRU fires.


The canopy on display at the exhibit is Cara de la Rocca with metallic effect and is displayed with the Maestro 80/3 Trillion canopy and base. We were happy to hear lots of positive feedback and comments from members of the public and other exhibitors who hadn’t ever seen a product quite like it!

Another treat in stall for everyone was George Clarke and his rotating home! Unfortunately George wasn’t there on the Thursday when we visited so we didn’t get to hear what he had to say about it but we were amazed and thought it looked exciting!




We eventually ventured off for some lunch, we were of course tempted by the champagne bar but we retreated to the food festival hall, atmosphere was buzzing, was even a young lad doing a spot of acoustic on his guitar and of course the smells were divine! We opted for gluten free chicken wraps and we were impressed!

It really was a good day (especially a working day) but if you are looking for a day out get yourself over to Event City and look around. The Ideal Home Show is there until Sunday and if you are not looking for anything in particular you are sure to leave with bags of inspiration