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Why choose Venetian Polished Plaster?

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If you are unfamiliar with polished plaster, it’s a durable, versatile way of re-designing your home for a relatively low cost. There are many options you can go for when thinking about interior redesigns but for the price, quality and overall aesthetics polished plaster comes on top.

So what are the benefits of polished plaster?

Venetian polished plaster has been around for many years and it always looks great. Although it is different to a painted finish, Venetian plaster is a smooth surface making it easy to modify. With little preparation you can easily make a touch-up or give a room a facelift, to retain a fresh appearance in your home.

Unlike painted materials, Venetian polished plaster can be safely used on tiles, wood, bricks, cement boards and drywall its all down to the quality of the substrate. It is also the easiest wall treatment to use on difficult obstacles like archways and edges. This makes it a great material to use in feature rooms, kitchens and pool rooms.

The way it looks

At applicArt we have 17 different types of polished plaster, all coming in various colours, shades and textures. Polished plaster looks amazing and gives the effect of a high priced, luxury wall or floor.

To go along with all of the features and great aesthetics, Venetian plaster is environmentally friendly. All of the ingredients are natural and non-toxic. The lime that is in the mixture has a naturally high PH value, this means it acts as an antibacterial surface, which hinders the chance of fungus or mould making polished plaster walls great for kitchens, bathrooms and pool/spa areas.

Polished plaster examples

We have some more great examples on our gallery and products page.

At applicArt our artisan international applicators have been creating bespoke wall finishes since for many years, using the highest quality tools and marble polished plaster products possible. We pride ourselves in perfection and it shows in our great work.

If you want to know more about our Venetian polished plaster or would like to enquire on price and availability you can contact our customer service team today.