Polished Plaster Master applicator in Action

These short video clips will show you the various skills and techniques needed when applicating Polished Plaster. Just watch applicArt’s Polished Plaster Master applicator in ACTION!

As one of our residential projects is drawing to an end, I decided to venture out of the applicArt office and visit our team of applicators on site in Prestbury, Cheshire.

Within a few minutes of arriving on site I could appreciate the grand scale of the work the team have tackled and worked hard to achieve near completion. Unfortunately a lot of our work had been covered up by the decorators with wall protection sheets, in preparation for their own work. So I took the opportunity to watch (and video) our master applicators in action.

There have been many areas within the project that our Polished Plaster finishes have been applied including a winding staircase, curved corridor, huge feature walls in the Swimming Pool area plus the entire floors surrounding the pool area.

I was lucky enough to be there when our applicator applied the second coat of Marmorino Venezia to the poolside edge. During this application process the applicator achieves the unusual texture (I think it resembles coral reef, but that is probably just my opinion)

After the primer and first coat of Marmorino Venezia is applied it is left to completely dry. Then to add the texture another coat of the Marmorino Venezia is applied, its smoothed over to begin with but then using additional material on the trowel it is lightly applied with a dabbing action, this is what gives depth within the texture.

After a short period of drying time (depending on air temperature), the applicator goes back to where he started. Using his trowel he lightly smooths over the raised texture taking away any excess material. This then leaves the final look of the finish. Once it has been left to dry completely it will be coloured in the same colours as the feature walls. To complete the application the coats of waterproof protection lacquer will be applied.

I look forward to my return visit once the project is 100% completed so I can see the final look of all our stunning finishes.

Watch out for the completed project pictures in our Residential Projects Page.