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Learn more about the history of the eco-friendly Italian brand Impex that is making it’s comeback in UK home interiors

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You have to feel the emotion and the creative spirit that goes into these lime plastered wall finishes.

Just watch this video!

Impex lime based plastering products tap into an age old Italian tradition of using marble dust, slaked lime and marble chip materials that make some of the most inspiring and innovative textured plaster wall based finished you will have seen.

If you have traveled through Mediterranean countries you are sure to have seen some of the same traditional venetian plastering finishes on historic buildings that have been softened by age with a rich patina.

For centuries, fine artisans have been creating beautiful walls through the use of limestone plasters coloured with natural ingredients.

The Venetians wanted Marble finishes, but, put simply, the sheer weight of the full marble could not be supported by the structures necessary in Venice; so they created plastering materials to achieve the same effect.

Impex have taken an old world plastering technique that started with sourcing limestone rocks from rivers and quarries, then using heat, water and time, the limestone was turned into an amazing “lime putty”.

Impex products replicate this technique and use a lime putty, that is then mixed with a range of colorants, such as ground marble dust to create the same venetian plastering effects.

Impex products are not only beautiful, but they are also eco friendly and therefore respect for the environment.

ApplicArt craftsmen the apply the lime putty mix in multiply coats to your walls or ceilings with steel trowels. Using refined artisan techniques, our finishes of Italian polished plaster and Spanish micro-cement turns an ordinary wall or ceiling into a masterpiece with a distinct and original texture.

These effects can be used in many styles. Such as our Eco Feel, Fresco feel and Micro feel”

Just watch this video, imagine what you can do, how far does the creative juices flow! 

As far as you imagination will allow!